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As the phrase "lightspace modulator" and the associated historical reference suggest, a primary component of this process is the use of light, shadow and objects ("light props"), arranged, animated, and automated in a realtime three-dimensional environment (a virtual "electric stage" powered by custom software).

Traditional photographic, animation and post-production techniques are represented, as well.

Exhibitions and performance venues have included the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California; Ombra Festival, Barcelona; Boston Cyberarts Festival + Independent Film Festival, and clubs and theaters in the US and Europe.

The video for "Dirty Deal" by German rhythmic-noise act Synapscape, from the record: A Journey Through Concern released in September 2020 by Ant-Zen:

See also: The Making of "Dirty Deal" | A discussion describing some background of the process

More music video work: The Present Moment: Intrigue | labXIV: Without a Friend | Moodorgan Project: Remember the Truth

Recent work: View on Instagram.